Where It All Began...

Dirt Ribbon Creative - Owner - Heidi B

It all started on a whim when I saw a pair of bike tube earrings while traveling…but they were on hooks + I have gauged ears so I couldn’t wear them. I got to thinking — I ride bikes + I have bike tubes, I’ll make my own! I tend to be overly optimistic about my skill set when it comes to DIY projects, but this time I pulled it off.

Once I started wearing the re-purposed rubber earrings for my own plugs + tunnels I started getting compliments + requests for similar earrings on hooks + studs. Challenge accepted.

This became the beginning of a side hustle I fell in love with…Dirt Ribbon Creative. Over the years I’ve created a variety of earrings, added colorful beads, branched out into bracelets/necklaces + offer nearly every design in a tunnel or plug to fit nearly every ear piercing out there!

Got Questions?

Let me know! I’m all ears [ha, get it?!] for any suggestions on new products or requests for customs tweaks to existing items…hit me up!

Not into contact forms? You can shoot me an email directly >>> heidi@dirtribboncreative.com